On the Sensations of Tone

Hermann Helmholtz


  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction to the Electronic Version
  3. Translator's Notice
  4. Author's Preface
  5. Introduction

  6. Part I. (pp. 7-151.)

    On The Composition Of Vibrations.

    Upper Partial Tones, and Qualities of Tone.

  7. CHAPTER I. On the Sensation of Sound in Generalpp. 8-25.
  8. CHAPTER II. On the Composition of Vibrationspp. 25-36.
  9. CHAPTER III. Analysis of Musical Tones by Sympathetic Resonancepp. 36-49.
  10. CHAPTER IV. On the Analysis of Musical Tones by the Earpp. 49-65.
  11. CHAPTER V. On the Differences in the Quality of Musical Tonespp. 65-119.
  12. CHAPTER VI. On the Apprehension of Qualities of Tonepp. 119-151.

  13. Part II. (pp. 152-233.)

    On The Interruptions Of Harmony.

    Combinational Tones and Beats, Consonance and Dissonance.

  14. CHAPTER VII. Combinational Tonespp. 152-159.
  15. CHAPTER VIII. On the Beats of Simple Tonespp. 159-173.
  16. CHAPTER IX. Deep and Deepest Tonespp. 174-179.
  17. CHAPTER X. Beats of the Upper Partial Tonespp. 179-197.
  18. CHAPTER XI. Beats due to Combinational Tonespp. 197-211.
  19. CHAPTER XII. Chordspp. 211-233.

  20. Part III. (pp. 234-371.)

    The Relationship Of Musical Tones.

    Scales and Tonality.

  21. CHAPTER XIII. General View of the Different Principles of Musical Style in the Development of Musicpp. 234-249.
  22. CHAPTER XIV. The Tonality of Homophonic Musicpp. 250-290.
  23. CHAPTER XV. The Consonant Chords of the Tonal Modespp. 290-309.
  24. CHAPTER XVI. The System of Keyspp. 310-330.
  25. CHAPTER XVII. Of Discordspp. 330-350.
  26. CHAPTER XVIII. Laws of Progression of Partspp. 350-362.
  27. CHAPTER XIX. Esthetical Relationspp. 362-371.
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